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2020-2021 Projects for Kids

Kids all over the United States and the world are participating in projects to help persecuted Christians and to raise awareness about persecution. What can your kids do? Contact us with information about your own project so that we can share it with others on this website.

Awareness Activities

Craft Activities


Additional Activities

One Response to 2020-2021 Projects for Kids

  1. Heather Gunderson | January 1, 2016 at 2:00 PM |

    Our children’s ministry is looking for places that we can give our weekly offering to. We have typically set a goal and given money to reach that goal. We pray for and learn about the ministry we are raising money for. Would you be able to send me information to help us in this decision?

    Thank you!

    Kidmo Coordinator
    High Point Church
    Madison, WI


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