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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Standing Strong in Laos

“Samuel” lives in Laos with his parents. You can see him in the photo holding his parents’ hands. (Their eyes are covered to protect their identity from people who might want to harm them.) Samuel is standing on a piece of his house.

Samuel’s parents are Christians. They live in a village where most of the people are animist, or spirit worshipers. (Learn more about animism here.) Just a few of the villagers are Christians. There used to be more Christians. But after animist villagers began persecuting the Christians, some Christians left their faith.

Local officials tore down Samuel’s house, hoping his family would leave the village and move somewhere else. But Samuel’s family stayed. They gathered pieces of their torn-down house and built a small hut to live in. Christians from nearby villages came to help, encourage, and support them. Now the officials are saying that Samuel’s family can stay in the village and rebuild their home.

Please pray for Samuel’s family, their persecutors, and for the villagers who stopped being Christians after they were persecuted.

(Source: I Commit to Pray)

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

To Talk About
*What are some of the other ways Samuel’s family could have reacted after officials tore down their house?
*Why do you think the officials changed their minds about Samuel’s family?

Spotlight Story

Nigeria: Christian Girl Still Captive

Leah (Source: World Watch Monitor)

Leah Sharibu is still in captivity almost four months after Boko Haram kidnapped her and 109 other school girls from their school in Nigeria. (Boko Haram is a Muslim terrorist group.) Most of the girls were allowed to go home after about four weeks. But five had died, and Leah is still being held.

She is believed to be the only Christian among those who were kidnapped. One of the girls who was released said that Leah has not been freed because she refuses to deny Jesus.

Pray that Leah will remain strong in her faith and will stay close to Jesus during her captivity. Also pray that she will be released soon, and that God will strengthen her family members who are waiting for her to come home. Pray that the kidnappers will be inspired by Leah’s faith and will seek to know the God she serves.


Activities Story

Father’s Day Prayer Reminder

In countries where the government tries to limit the spread of the gospel, bold Christians may be arrested for telling non-Christians about Jesus. This week, remember to pray for Christian fathers who are in prison for their faith and for their families who miss them.

Cut out photos of fathers from The Voice of the Martyrs publications, or print photos of Christian prisoners from Use the photos to make reminders to pray for Christian families who are separated because of their devotion to Christ.

Instructions for a spool prayer reminder are below.

*Photos of Christian fathers or children (See above.)
*Round wooden dowels and small wooden craft spools (Make sure the dowels will fit well into the spools’ holes.)
*Decorative craft paper
*Acrylic paint; paint brush
*Glue and scissors
*Ribbon or twine

*Cut or break the dowels into 4-inch pieces. Paint the dowel pieces if desired.
*Paint the tops and bottoms of the spools. Let the spools and dowels dry.
*Cut the decorative craft paper to fit the middle part of the spools, and glue it on.
*Cut additional decorative paper into squares to make a frame for each photo of a Christian child or father. Make a label that tells the Christian’s country, and glue it and the photo to the paper frame.
*Glue or tape the framed photo to the top part of a dowel.
*Put glue on about an inch of the dowel, and insert it into a spool. Cover one side of a small piece of decorative paper with glue, and stick it to the bottom of the spool. Stick the dowel to the paper to help it stay in place.
*Add twine or ribbon to the dowel to make a bow.
*Put the prayer reminders on your family’s dining table or in another place where you will see them, and pray for the Christians in the photos.

Spotlight Story

Father’s Day: Baby’s Dad in Prison


On Father’s Day, please pray for children who are separated from their fathers because their family follows Jesus.

In January of this year, a baby boy was born into a Christian family in Indonesia. But his dad, Abraham, was not able to welcome his son home. Abraham was in prison for sharing information about Jesus with Muslims. Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country in the world.

Learn more about Abraham at VOM’s website.

The site also tells how to write encouraging letters to imprisoned Christians.

Pray for Abraham and his family. Ask God to comfort them when they are separated. Pray that Abraham’s son will become bold in his faith like his dad.

(Source: The June 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter)

Spotlight Story

Grace: Putting Everything in God’s Hands

Grace and her dad at VOM’s Martyrs’ Wall

The previous post told about Grace, the daughter of a VOM worker who travels to countries where Christians are persecuted. Grace’s dad has also been persecuted in one of the countries he visits.

Read below Grace’s advice for kids who face struggles in life.

Created for a Purpose
I would like to tell kids who are reading this that whatever is happening — school drama, family issues, anything — God knew it was going to happen. I experience days when I don’t want to think about anything but what I’m going through. As good as that may feel at the moment, it’s not exactly a step in the right direction.

The only way to make the situation any better is by putting it all in God’s hands. I often start my day with a simple prayer that includes me just admitting that I am powerless, and I need God every moment throughout my whole day. I place every problem, every conversation, every blessing, every hurtful word, completely in God’s hands. Now that you [know] this, I encourage you to say a simple prayer when you feel upset, angry, or even blessed. And I bet that eventually you will start affecting people around you!

Two of my favorite quotes:
1. “When you put everything in God’s hands, soon you’ll see God’s hands in everything.”
2. “Either be a thermometer or a thermostat.” This means that either you adjust to the mood around you or you adjust the mood around you. People will notice when your “vibe” is positive, even when the day might not be exactly ideal.

May you truly believe that God has something amazing planned for you, and that you were created for a purpose!

God bless you all.

If you would like to send a message or comment to Grace, click on “Contact Us” at the very bottom of this page. Your message will be forwarded to her.

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