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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

How Should We React?

Paul escaping persecution

(Source: Release International, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the United Kingdom. Edited for length and age-appropriateness.)

How do you think Christians should react when others persecute them? The Bible talks about at least three ways: enduring, avoiding, and overcoming.

Acts 16:25-36 tells about Paul and Silas in prison for their Christian activities. Even though they had been beaten by their persecutors, they sang hymns in their cell and even led the jailer and his family to Christ.

Paul endured persecution, but also escaped it when he had the opportunity. Read Acts 9:23-25 to learn how he once escaped from enemies.

Romans 12:14-21 tells how Christians can rise above persecution to a place of blessing.

To Talk About
*How did Paul escape persecution, according to Acts 9?
*Which do you think it would be hardest to do — to endure, to escape, or to overcome bad treatment?
*Read Romans 12:14-21, and tell five instructions for overcoming persecution found in those verses.

Activities Story

Jim Elliot’s Motto

The following activity is from The Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book. The book is available here, and the companion DVDs here.

The previous post told about Jim Elliot, who gave his life while serving the Lord in South America. Jim’s four companions, Pete Fleming, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, and Roger Youderian, were also martyred. The group understood the dangers of missionary work, and they were willing to lay down their lives in service to God.

Jim had a motto that described his beliefs about risking his life for the gospel. To find the motto, print or copy the grid below, and follow the instructions. Can you explain what the motto means?

1. Jim Elliot served the Lord in Ecuador, South America. Cross out, in columns B, C, and E, the names of South American countries. (Refer to a map of South America if you need help.)

2. Jim Elliot demonstrated unselfishness. Cross out, in columns A, C, and D, words more than five letters long related to unselfishness.

3. Cross out the two-letter words only in columns B and D.

4. Cross out, in all columns, the first or last names of the five men who gave their lives.

5. To read Jim Elliot’s quote, start at the top of the grid, and going in order from left to right, read (or write) the words that have not been crossed out.

Spotlight Story

The Jim Elliot Story

Elise Wixtrom has grown up learning about persecuted Christians and reading VOM resources. Currently she writes reviews of VOM resources for readers of Enter “Elise” in the search box to read about Elise and to find more of her reviews.

Jim Elliot
Jim Elliot, a missionary to Mexico and Ecuador, attended Wheaton College in his university years. A talented wrestler, Elliot always knew he was called to bring the gospel to the unreached, no matter what.

As the young man left the university, he went straight to the mission field, hitchhiking his way around Mexico after his car stalled on train tracks. Accompanied by a loyal group of friends, he brought the gospel to any schoolchildren who might want to listen. Speaking in broken Spanish, Elliot planted churches throughout the countryside. After a while, he and his team moved on to Ecuador, where they built villages and airstrips, helping the native population with their work while spreading the good news of Christ.

While in Ecuador, Elliot’s team welcomed into their complex a young woman who was running from tribal warfare and had lost her family. The missionaries were convinced that they could reach her people, the Aucas (now known as the Waodani, Waorani, or Huaorani), with the gospel. So they took a small airplane and landed in her village. The people there were friendly, but secretly did not approve of the foreigners who brought them gifts.

After a few trips to the village, the missionaries were seeing progress in building friendships among the Aucas. But that was not to last long. Eventually, the Aucas killed the five Americans as they exited their airplane for the last time.

Jim Elliot and his friends gave their lives in order to spread the gospel of Christ, just like countless other faithful believers throughout the years. Elliot knew when he ventured to Ecuador that there was a great possibility of him dying in the service of God. He died knowing that he had tried his best to live well and to love the Lord.

After Jim Elliot’s martyrdom, his wife, Elizabeth, made it her mission to tell his story. It was the witness of the Elliot couple that inspired The Voice of the Martyrs to continue their legacy with the Torchlighters animated episode The Jim Elliot Story. But it is our job to remember the Elliots and what they sacrificed for the cause of the gospel, and how they stood in the face of danger with unconditional love, bearing the news of God’s grace.

Read more about Jim Elliot and watch a trailer for The Jim Elliot Story here.

Spotlight Story

Pastor Released!

Mu’en, Xiangen, and their mother

Mu’en and Xiangen were 14 and 5 when their father, Yang Hua, was in prison.

Yang Hua is a pastor in China. His church, The Living Stone Church, started with about 20 members in 2009. By 2015, more than 700 people attended the church.

Government workers have given the church a hard time since it opened. Once they even cut off the church’s water and electricity during Christmas services.

Later they arrested Yang Hua and put him in prison. Mu’en, Xiangen, and their mother prayed for Him while he was gone. The Voice of the Martyrs told Yang Hua’s story on the website, and Christians in the United States wrote him encouraging letters and prayed for him, too.

Last month, praise God, Yang Hua was released! What do you think he did when he first left the prison? He began singing loud songs of praise to God.

You can learn more about Yang Hua and other released prisoners, and Christians still in prison, at Can you choose one prisoner on the site who has not yet been released and join Christians around the world in praying for them?

Spotlight Story

Listening to God; Becoming a Missionary

Recently Todd Nettleton of interviewed Brother Harold, a missionary who has served the Lord in Central Asia. Read part of their interview below.

Todd Nettleton: If I think God might be moving me in the direction of mission service, overseas gospel work, give me some advice. What are the next steps? How should I think about this? How should I pray about it?

Brother Harold: Definitely be praying about it. Talk to your pastor. Talk to your family members. Say, “I am sensing this [call from God], I am feeling this.”

I challenge people to ask God, “God, am I willing to listen to You if You have something for me overseas?” You might be shocked at the answer. But a lot of times I don’t think people even ask that question, they don’t even consider that. But just take a minute right now and say, “God, are you asking me to consider this?”

Talk to the spiritual people in your life, your spiritual authorities. Go to the Word. Pray about it, and if you still sense God is directing you in this ….What part of the world is God giving you a burden on your heart for? There are organizations that focus specifically on different people groups in different parts of the world.

So there are opportunities out there, but I think the first and foremost thing is to be open with God and be willing to hear what He has to say, and then to talk openly with [family] and your spiritual authority.

(Source: Edited for length and clarity)

To find the complete interview with Brother Harold and a previous interview with him, visit, and enter “Harold” in the search box.

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